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Women's Lib & The Demise of Chivalry

When I go out with a guy, I usually end up paying for my part of the meal, and not because I insist upon it either. I assure you that my wallet is so far away from the dinner table, I have to take a cab to pick it up. Subscribe Here

21st Century Technology

As I sit here on this lovely Thursday evening, recalling the events of the day, something hits me like a fly swatter to a pesky knat, "What has technology done to us?" Subscribe Here

Health Insurance - The Devil’s Trick

A guy sits down at his kitchen table. In front of him lay five different health insurance plan packages he must choose from in order to sustain a long healthy life. He opens all of the packages and situates them side-by-side so he may compare all the plans and decide which policy is the most beneficial for his needs. Subscribe Here

Have time to kill while procrastinating your "To-do" list? Check out what's on Betty's mind. Her acerbic take on random happenings will surely entertain.

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