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How Domestic Are You?

Take The Standup Gourmet Misfit Quiz to find out how domestic you really are. The results may surprise you!


Image - Frugal Factory Check out recipes and tidbits to help you live a more frugal life. From homemade cleaning products at a fraction of the cost, to health, beauty and garden needs you just can't live without, Betty is your go-to Gal.


Image - Frugal Factory From cooking and gardening to home-repair or throwing parties, Betty’s Misfit’s Manual is a how-to guide to anything domestic.


Image - Frugal Factory Whether suggesting useful cooking techniques, the best store-bought pizza or pedicure cream, Betty’s opinion really is the gift that keeps on giving
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""Laziness is highly underrated. To me it is just another word for Summer.""

– Betty Home-Mocker, Los Angeles, CA

"This pre-marriage counseling book is great, though it would have been more beneficial if I read it BEFORE I got married. If I did, maybe I wouldn't be getting a divorce."

– Anonymous, East Haven, VT

"It's not a good thing when you find out that a new Pizza Hut is opening in your area, especially when you're on a diet!!"

– Anonymous, Port Murray, NJ


Betty Home-Mocker scours coffee shops, magazines and the web in search of the quirkiest quotes of the month.

There's a difference between Fantastically Frugal and Foolishly Frugal. Being Fantastically Frugal takes creativity, ingenuity and a considerable amount of willpower. Being Foolishly Frugal means you’re a big, fat Cheapskate!

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