Household8 Ways to Recycle Glass Jars

Don’t throw out your used glass jars! Save money and recycle them in 8 different ways.

Home CleansersAnti-Bacterial Abrasive Soft Scrub

Try saving money and going Green with home-made cleansers!

Home CleansersAnti-Bacterial Non-Abrasive Soft Scrub

Health & BeautyBrown Sugar & Sea Salt Hand Repair Scrub

Sore, dry and flaky skin is the first sign of Winter. Don't spend money on store bought body scrub, when you can make it in minutes, at a fraction of the price. This quick and easy scrub exfoliates, hydrates and moisturizes all at the same time. Save and feel great with softer, smoother and luxurious hands!

HouseholdCutting Coupons Isn't Lame!

Why are you giving your money away every time you go to the store? Now that the economy is in a recession, most people are looking for easy ways to save those cents.

GardenFrugal Flower Pots

Meow Your Way to a Cost Efficient Garden

MiscellaneousFrugal Lovers Housewarming Gift

Are you in the market for a Frugal Housewarming Gift? Visit your local 99 Cent Store and pick up a few appropriate sized Mason jars or flip-top glass canisters.

Home CleansersGlass & Mirror Cleaner

Isopropyl alcohol and vinegar evaporate quickly and are a great substitute for store bought glass cleaner. Once you try it, you'll never go back!

HouseholdGoing Green and Frugal with Tap Water

It is time to embrace your tap water by adding a water filter to your kitchen faucet. No more buying water encapsulated in plastic bottles. No more buying bags of ice encapsulated in plastic bags. It will save you money and more importantly, you will be doing a good deed for the environment.

Home CleansersHomemade Furniture Polish

With all of the wood furniture that Betty has in her home, it is surprising that she has the money (or energy) to keep up with the polishing.

Home CleansersLaundry Detergent (Powder)

You shouldn't have to spend hundreds when you can spend pennies on keeping your clothes clean!

Health & BeautyLavender & Tea Tree Salt Scrub

Experience a home spa treatment at a fraction of the price!

Home CleansersMicrowave Cleaner

Say good-bye to expensive store-bought and chemical-filled cleaners! Go Green and make them at home!

Health & BeautyMisfit Base for Facials & Scrubs

Do you ever wonder how much money you spend on face lotions, creams, astringents, scrubs, regimens, or spa days each year? Betty does and she would bet her mother’s Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond music library that it is a lot!

Health & BeautyMonthly Face Mask

This face mask has both Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy properties. It was created to reduce oil, balance skin tone, exfoliate and hydrate, rejuvenate aging skin leaving it brighter, balance PH and penetrate pores to get beneath the sebum to dissolve and exfoliate dead skin cells.

GardenOrganic Garden Pesticide

Keep your Frugal Vegetable Garden Organic by staying away from store bought pesticides.

Health & BeautyRevitalizing Face Mask

Refresh your face with an easy-to-make at home facial mask, guaranteed to lift your spirits and save you money.

"There's a difference between Fantastically Frugal and Foolishly Frugal. Being Fantastically Frugal takes creativity, ingenuity and a considerable amount of willpower. Being Foolishly Frugal means you're a big, fat Cheapskate!"

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