The Misfit's Manual to Color Sanding Furniture

If you are refinishing or re-staining old furniture or new bare furniture, Betty's Color Sanding Method will make your wood furniture feel and look like glass.

The Misfit's Manual to Correcting Salt Mishaps in Sauces

More often then not, like most people, Betty makes terrible kitchen blunders. The key is to know how to fix the problem in order to salvage the recipe or dish at hand. Salt is one of those ingredients that can make or break a dish, with very little margin for error.

The Misfit's Manual to Knife Cuts

Sometimes when reading recipes, the author or publisher uses terms to describe how an item should be cut. It is hard to know how to cut something if you are not aware of the terminology...

The Misfit's Manual To Making a Homemade Rain Catcher

As you may or may not know, rain is the best type of water for your garden. It enables lush greens and faster plant growth. There are lots of reasons why.

The Misfit's Manual to Making the Most of Your Compost

You are probably asking yourself, "What is compost, how can I make the most of it, what should I avoid and why do I care?" All great questions which we, at The Standup Gourmet™ website, will answer.

The Misfit's Manual to Motivating Yourself to Exercise

Having trouble motivating yourself to exercise? Betty is a lazy Misfit who despises every kind of physical activity except for eating and drinking...

The Misfit's Manual to Protecting Your Identity

The night before every trash day, Betty would watch numerous individuals rifle through her trash looking for glass and plastic items to recycle. Paranoid that one of those individuals was looking for materials to steal her identity, she would watch them like a hawk to prey.

The Misfit's Manual to Reading Recipes

When Betty mentioned that she wanted to write a Misfits Manual to Reading Recipes, her Misfit Crew looked at her as if she had a potty-trained Alpaca living in her second bedroom.

The Misfit's Manual to Removing Household Stains

Whether you have ink stains on your clothes, blood stains on your fabric or tea stains in your carpet, check out Betty's inexpensive and green way to handle household stains!

The Misfit’s Manual to Blowing Easter Eggs

I am the mother of a one year old and therefore do not have hours to spend on crafts and decorations. Nor am I a perfectionist or artist, for that matter. Very often, I attempt to make crafts by following the rules or instructions provided, only to fail miserably. My self-esteem is always put to the test. It is not until I tackle the project “ghetto style” that I can create a decoration that mirrors something out of Martha Stewart’s Collection of “Perfection.”

The Misfit’s Manual to Charming Sangria

Beneath the dark clouds and damp rains, spring is a-blooming and the warm; summer months are not far behind! For me, May brings warmth, flip-flops, summer gatherings and WINE! I am definitely a self-proclaimed “wino” and look forward to any reason to dabble in the art of Sangria! Any barbecue I host, or any summer event I attend, someone is bound to ask, “Are you making Sangria?” Why yes I am! Thank you for asking!

"I am good at everything I do and never do the things I am not good at."

Betty Home-Mocker Signature