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(Hello Awesome, my name is Betty. Will you be my best friend?!)
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Betty Good

(What a pleasant surprise and definitely worth trying!)
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Average Betty

(It is so average that I already forgot about it!)
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Betty Not

(You have fair warning that you will not like it!)
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(Your taste buds may never recover!)
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Mock it Away!

(Go straight to the garbage receptacle STAT!)

IN THE KITCHEN: 5 Easy Steps to Reducing Kitchen Waste

In an effort to go GREEN, The Standup Gourmet™ recommends five easy steps to help reduce kitchen waste.

BEING BEAUTIFUL: Frizzy & Unmanageable Hair

Betty, like most women, can have unbelievably tragic hair days. She considers her hair "frizzy with a smidgen of body".

IN THE KITCHEN: Recycled Egg Cartons

Every time Betty made hard boiled eggs, she always had to think about how she was going to separate the cooked from the raw eggs, once refrigerated. It was stupid and trivial, but every time, non-fail, she pondered it, even after 20 years of cooking.

OOPS, I FORGOT: 7 Ways To Make It "Write" For Your Valentine

Have you forgotten to buy a gift or card for Valentine’s Day or just didn’t have time to plan something extraordinary? If so, it is not too late!

IN THE HOME: Can You Imagine A World Without WD-40?

If something went wrong in the home, we were taught to grab the WD-40. Like our health related ailments, it did not matter what the problem was, WD-40 would fix it. The house could be falling down around us, but as long as my father was holding a can of WD-40, we felt safe and secure. That bottle was and still is my father’s superhero.

IN THE KITCHEN: Combating Sticky Fingers

Do you have a hard time working with dough when the majority of it is stuck to your hands and fingers?

OFF THE RACK: Cooking Magazines

Does anyone know the name of the idiot who came up with the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover"? If so, please tell Betty, because she is desperate to ask him how to choose from the plethora of books at the local bookstore, if she cannot base her decision on the creative, attractive and eye-seducing cover.


The Standup Gourmet™ Misfit Crew taste tested 8 different boxed Corn Bread mixes in hopes of finding the best mix for your picky palette.

BEING BEAUTIFUL: Dry Hands Desparately Seeking Repair!

Are your hands dry and stiff from washing dishes or cleaning and your hand cream can’t keep up?...

IN THE KITCHEN: Dry Roasting Nuts

Forget about turning on the oven to roast nuts or coconut. Betty is too lazy for that and prefers to be cleaning up her dirty dishes just when your oven preheat bell rings.

IN THE HOME: Erase the Mistakes

Fast forward a couple of decades and now I own my own home and am responsible for keeping it clean. This is not an easy feat with a 1 year old, I have dubbed Hurricane Hayden and a husband, who drops messes behind him like Hansel and Gretel. That soon changed when I discovered the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!


What is a Misfit to do when her favorite pizza is 3,000 miles away?


Brownies can be made two ways, with decadent fudge like consistency or a moist cake-like consistency. Everyone has his or her favorite but personally, I am split down the middle. My mood and the time of month dictates which sweet treat I will prefer. At the end of the day, chocolate is chocolate … or is it?

IN THE GARDEN: Gardening for Small Spaces

Betty lives in an apartment with little space to plant fruits and vegetables, so she has embraced the idea of planting herbs, fruits and vegetables in pots, boxes, tubs or barrels.

IN THE KITCHEN: Ingredient Discoloration

Looking for a ways to keep ingredients from browning after they have been sliced?

IN THE KITCHEN: Misfit Roasting Pan Liners

As someone who does not own a dishwasher, Betty fears her reluctance to washing dishes inhibits her urge to cook.

IN THE HOME: No More Window Streaks?

Betty is a stickler for crystal clear, non-streak, glass, mirror and windows! It does not matter whether you are using store bought glass cleaner or your own homemade brew, you, mostly likely, will still have streaking problems.

IN THE KITCHEN: Nonstick Cooking Spray

The more The Standup Gourmet™ Misfit Crew becomes aware of food and chemical additives, the more they look for healthy organic alternatives.

IN THE KITCHEN: Science Loves Wooden Spoons

Too often, The Standup Gourmet™ Misfit Crew encounters overflows from boiling pots of liquid, which is a great annoyance when cooking on gas burners.

IN THE KITCHEN: Shed Less Tears with Latex Gloves

Are you tired of crying every time you cut an onion? Betty and her Misfit Crew don't care what anyone says, there is NO "sure fire" way to solve this problem...

IN THE KITCHEN: Stop Microwaving with Plastic Wrap!

Up until recently, every time Betty used the microwave, she covered her leftovers with plastic wrap. NO MORE! Even though the packaging says microwave safe, she is out!

BEING BEAUTIFUL: The Ultimate Callus Eliminator

The older Betty gets, the more her feet look like wheels of dried-up cheese. It is unfortunate and until recently she had no idea how to rid those ugly, dry, crackled, callous-ridden feet, apart from $50 pedicures; which is not in her frugal budget.

IN THE KITCHEN: Think Toothpicks!

Toothpicks are not just for picking Spinach and Popcorn out of your teeth...

IN THE KITCHEN: Vanilla Bean Sugar

If you are a Vanilla and Sugar Lover like Betty, she suggests combining your two loves to make a Misfit Vanilla Sugar. It is easy and is considered to be a Misfit recycled treat!

"It is quite amazing that I have an opinion about everything. Surprisingly my opinion is always the right opinion for me."

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