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Recipes are geared toward the Beginner Misfit, with basic ingredients, easier techniques, and quicker cooking times for his or her cooking convenience.


Intermediate Misfits tend to enjoy these recipes because of the more complex flavors, manageable techniques and reasonable preparation times.


Dedicated to my Advanced Misfit brothers and sisters. Recipes include a slightly higher degree of technical difficulty that will provide the foundation for superior flavors, which will enhance all five senses.


For those who want to take a culinary walk on the wild side, embrace the adventure of cooking with unfamiliar ingredients. Techniques will be more complicated and preparation times, longer, but every great adventure is worth the risk.
Betty's Beef Stew Betty's Beef Stew Main Dishes
Bourbon Apricot BBQ Chicken Bourbon Apricot BBQ Chicken Main Dishes
Hungarian Cabbage & Beef Stew Hungarian Cabbage & Beef Stew Main Dishes
Not Too Spicy Top Choice Chili Not Too Spicy Top Choice Chili Main Dishes
Quick Italian Cioppino Quick Italian Cioppino Main Dishes
Risotto Stuffed Meat Loaf Risotto Stuffed Meat Loaf Main Dishes
Veal & Ham Croquettes Veal & Ham Croquettes Main Dishes

"I'm not completely satisfied until everyone at the dinner table unbutton their pants. It’s the true sign of a great meal!"

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